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Why Volumetrics?

The use of volumetric proportioning and continuous mixing is well proven and has many advantages over traditional drum typoe mixers that rely on batching plants.

The volumetric mixer is essentially a mobile batching plant. It carries all the ingredients of concrete in a number of hoppers which feed into a continuous mixer.

This method allows the operator to mix any amount of fresh concrete on site, to any mix design, with no waste. The mix design can also be changed instantly, producing different types of concrete from the same load.

Another major advantage is that multiple delivers can be made from the same load therefore having a much smaller carbon footprint than conventional concrete mixing lorries which have to return to the batching plant after every load.

Many contractors prefer volumetric mixed concrete because a fresh mix provides improved workability. As mixing takes place on site there is no hydration or segregation during transit and each mix is only mixed when you are ready and only takes a few minutes to produce it.

The volumetric mixer can easily produce different types of concrete on one delivery thus saving you time waiting for different drum mixers to turn up and saving you money on part load charges.

Volumetric mixers don't just deliver concrete and screed they offer a complete service.

How Volumetrics Work

Our Volumetric Concrete Mixer has 3 bins or hoppers: The 2 main hoppers contain sand & aggregate (gravel). The 3rd & smallest enclosed hopper contains dry cement. A revolving belt moves the sand & aggregate towards the back of the mixer.

The strength (mix design) of the concrete is altered by opening or closing the gates on the sand and the aggregate hoppers. Cement & water is introduced as the sand & aggregate enter the mixing auger. From here all the ingredients are thoroughly mixed and dispatched up to 7 meters (24ft) away from the rear of the mixer.

Additives can be put into the mix to produce a more workable concrete. A foaming agent can be introduced. This makes small bubbles in the concrete making it strong but lighter. This concrete is used mainly for utility purposes such as covering cables in a trench.

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